Los Angeles Ale Works® is a brewery based in Los Angeles, California.  Since mid 2009, we have been hard at work business planning, refining recipes, designing our brand, and acquiring the proper licenses for the first phase of our project – Contract Brewing.  After purchasing our kegs, marketing material, and paying for the initial batches we are ready to take this project to the next level.

The contract brewing phase is an exercise, which shows that our business, of making beer, is salable.  In order to bring the operation to the next level we will need to secure equipment, a location, commercial licenses, and sizable capital that will allow us to build out our brewery.  Here’s where you, the craft beer drinker, come in.  Rather than go full force into seeking private investment we will be doing a combination of private and kickstarter fundraising.  This will allow the community to be involved in the project from the ground up.  What is beer if there are no people to drink it?

Los Angeles Soda Works™

We have also launched a product line of  high quality non-alcoholic sodas, Los Angeles Soda Works.  Look for us pouring at event in the greater LA area.